7:47:00 AM
Attention, Internet: you may now retire the "high after wisdom teeth removal" genre after these two older brothers convinced poor little Millicent that a zombie outbreak had started. Just hearing that over-the-top summary might make you call "fake," but these brothers—and apparently, their mom—went to extreme lengths to pull this off. This is the ultimate older-brother prank.

It begins with a CD on the drive home from the dentist. It plays a recording of a radio station interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System announcing a virus outbreak with symptoms like fever, aggression, death, and cannibalism. It only escalates from there, with the brothers staging a rush home to rescue what they can, all the while forcing Millicent to make all the tough calls. 

Most impressively, although she's basically hallucinating the entire time, Millicent is a ruthless survivor when it comes to these decisions. Go back for mom? "We're not the U.S. Marines, can't we just go?" Dog or cat? "THE CAT, YOU IDIOT!" She's also very unhappy with the "weapon" they give her.