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Elephants, gray giants with exceptional memories and remarkable social cohesion, seem to be quite untouchable. Yet they are rendered completely helpless against their greatest opponents of all-humans. Elephants are still being hunted and killed for the sole purpose of obtaining their precious ivory. Poachers shoot the elephants and cut open their heads to get to the tusks. Even elephant mothers are not spared, as they leave behind helpless and lonely infants unable to survive in the wilderness alone.


Every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed in this way. A global trade ban on ivory could counteract this. But now the European Commission has opposed it! With this petition, animal rights activists are trying to turn things around. If powerful countries like the USA speak out at the next key global summit this could alter the attitude of the EU, and increase the pressure on the ban - ultimately saving the elephants. Sign the petition here to show you are against this senseless massacre.