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As President-elect Donald Trump and his family prepare to move into the White House in January, there is one pressing appointment that Trump has yet to make. The Trump household is without a family dog, and longtime philanthropist Lois Pope has found just the right pup for the job.
Pope, champion of animal welfare, has a 9-week-old Goldendoodle in her care that she says is destined for the White House. She named the pup Patton, after George Patton, a World War II general whom Trump has said he admires.

Pope, who spent time with the Trump family over the Thanksgiving holiday, is eager to make sure Trump follows presidential precedent by bringing a furry friend into the White House. If he does not adopt a pup or other animal, Trump will become the first president in 150 years to live in the White House without a pet.

Patton comes from a long line of courageous service dogs, according to Pope. “He is not a ‘hero dog,’” Pope explained, “but he comes from a lineage of hero dogs, dogs who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Pope wisely brought a photo of Patton to the Thanksgiving gathering, where she knew that Barron, Trump’s 10-year-old son, would have the opportunity to take a glimpse at the dog. Her plan worked.

Pope showed the president-elect the photo. His response? “He said, ‘Go over there and show it to Barron,’” Pope shared. “He said, ‘He’s going to fall in love with him. Barron will want him.’”
Sure enough, the young boy’s eyes lit up with delight over the prospect of adopting a puppy. “This big smile came over his face, and it just brought tears to his eyes,” Pope expressed.

Pope says that Patton would serve the family as a protector and also help ease any upheaval into the White House for Barron. The boy, Pope says, has been in the forefront of her mind as she worked to arrange the pet adoption.

“He’s going to be a perfect dog for Barron,” Pope expressed. “He’s the one that I’m really doing this for.”
“That’s going to be quite a transition for him,” she added. “He’s only 10 years old and his dad is going to be the leader of the free world.”
So far, no decisions have been made about the adoption, but Pope believes it’s only a matter of time. “That’s up to them, but you know what, I certainly believe it will happen,” Pope stated.
In the meantime, Patton will work on two very important doggie responsibilities: potty training, and then, hero dog training, where he would learn to be a protector as well as a loyal companion to his new family.