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Horses are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful animals. While they appear to be massive and burly on the outside, they quickly surprise us when they break out into a graceful trot. It just doesn’t seem possible that a creature of such size could move in such an elegant way.

Now, while it may seem hard to explain how a standard horse breaks out into a graceful stride, imagine the Belgian draft horse. The Belgian is known for it’s stout frame and its major strength when it comes to pulling sleighs. Standing at an average of 66 and 68 inches, the Belgian weighs an average of 2,000 pounds. That is a lot of weight to carry around!

The majority of American Belgians have a light chestnut colored mane and tail and even its well-shaped head is known for its strength. While the American Belgians in North America are not as large as the European Brabant, they are similar in build.  The tallest Belgian Draft horse today is a fellow named Big Jake. Born in 2000, Big Jake is 82.75 inches in height. The largest and most curvy of Belgians born to date is Brooklyn Supreme, who weighs in at 3,200 pounds.

While these Belgian horses often get placed into competitions based on their size, there is one Belgian who has become well known for the picturesque beauty that he portrays while he is galloping across a field. His name is Buffalo and when he runs, he looks nothing like a burly, bulky buffalo, but instead, he appears to be floating gracefully.

At the start of the video, Buffalo looks like any other Belgian, as he takes heavy-footed steps while his trainer guides him. And then we are taken by surprise when Buffalo starts to run on command. His hooves, which appear to be bulky and massive, gently lift off the ground with each step in a dance-like fashion. Unlike a standard horse, the Belgian is more bulky in width and he doesn’t have the advantage of long legs that propel the other breeds to launch forward, making them appear even more dainty. So, it’s evident that even at a disadvantage, the Belgian certainly proves to us that he can look just as elegant as he travels from one destination to the next.

Viewers of Big Buffalo’s famous video, shared their thoughts on the beautiful beast…

“What an interesting trot! Looks beautiful, but it must be bouncy to ride!”

“I just want to kiss you on your nose! Sweet, Beauty You!!!!!”

“A great looking horse.”

And some have even been convinced to get their own Belgian…

“I love this horse. What is their temperament? I love horses that are gentle, non aggressive, and easy to please. Do they make good riding horses? I am low key and I’d want a horse that is low key also.”

Evidently, the Belgians are a very laid back breed and while they may not be meant for riding, they get the job done and they manage to be good at it.