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When Luke Merrill was graduating from high school in Minnesota, his parents bestowed upon him the family heirloom. While some families pass diamonds and jewelry down the line, the Merrills have an old, beat-up 1965 Chevy C-10 half-ton pickup truck. While most kids in his age bracket would consider this just a junk gift, Merrill saw the potential beneath the rusted exterior.

Since the truck had been in the family for more than two decades, it was finally time for the 18-year-old graduate to own it. He was ecstatic. But he had some plans to upgrade it before he took it out on the road.

In the video below, watch as Luke films the before and after of the truck. The difference is staggering. Then he admits he did it all for just $600. Watch and learn how you can save tons of money by doing it yourself. Scroll down for more on this awesome story!

When the car first comes into his possession, it is almost a gag gift. It is dinging up and needs lots of work. It seems almost as if Luke is doing his parents a favor by taking it off their hands.

While few people could imagine transforming this rusted hull into something beautiful, Luke envisions just that.

As he describes in the YouTube video: “Have had this truck in the family for 20 years, and my dad gave it to me as a graduation gift just as a beater work truck (as we have been using it for years for a work truck). To his surprise I decided to restore it and it is now ten times nicer than we ever remember it! This is my first attempt at a restoration and I feel like I did a pretty good job for an 18 year old.”

When the Minnesota teen first shows the truck it is a pile of junk. Everything is rusted and no one would be interested in riding this pile of metal that has been sitting in the family’s yard for decades. But the young man has vision. He snaps photos of the truck before he gets to work, then he puts the magic touch on it.

As he details throughout the video clip, he first covers the windows and the wheels with newspaper so he can give the rusted junkheap a new coat of primer on the exterior. After that has dried, he gives the car a new coat of glossy red and right then it is already coming back to life.

Because the interior is destroyed, Luke makes all new patches and panels. His handiwork turns it into a car that won’t leak if it rains.

More than a million people have tuned in to watch Luke transform this old Chevy into a restored beauty.

Here are some of the most popular comments:

“You see this kiddos! This is why workshop should be brought back to high schools.”

“This is awesome, dude. I’m 18 as well, but don’t know if I could manage something like this. Of course it would take time and motivation, and I have neither.”

“Great Job kid. I bet your Dad is proud as hell. Put a bed on it and it’d be perfect.”

Are you impressed? Should schools teach skills like this?

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