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Right now, most high school students are lounging at home, playing video games, and eating potato chips. In short, they’re enjoying their winter breaks from school. But in the middle of their vacation, six Mississippi teenagers found it in themselves to pull themselves off the couch and do something significant with their time, unlike most of their peers.
After hearing that a Vietnam veteran had passed away, these six young men volunteered to be his pallbearers – although they had never meat 70-year-old Jerry Wayne Pino, whom they were about to lay to rest.

So why did these six teens take time out of their morning to help bury the Vietnam vet? Because the man did not have any family…

When Pino passed away on December 12, his executors quickly discovered the sad truth: he didn’t have family to bury him. His funeral was prearranged – but because he hand no one, no one showed up to carry his casket…
Another veteran who worked at the Riemann Family Funeral Home, contacted a young man who rounded up six pallbearers from the local Long Beach, Mississippi community to act as the hero’s pallbearers.
When they learned that a military veteran needed their help, Bailey Griffin, Joseph Ebberman, JT Tripp, Jake Strong, Kenny McNutt and James Kneiss said ‘yes’ without hesitation. They showed up early and helped lay Pino to rest on Tuesday morning.
On Facebook, JT’s mom wrote: :Proud mom when [JT] told me that no one should be buried without people who care present, especially a veteran. Exposure to patriotism and respect comes from the home, schools and community. Proud of all these boys!”
Mr. Pino led an isolated life. Not much is known about the man who served America in the Vietnam War. His obituary was short and to the point, like he was in life. It simply stated:

“Mr Pino, age 70, passed away Monday, December 12, 2016.”
After the young men carried the casket, honor guards from the Navy folded the American flag that was laid on the casket. As a sign of appreciation, the funeral home director gifted the flag to the young gentleman who helped save the day.
Since four of the volunteers are part of the school football team, the American flag will remain store on the locker room wall.
A similar act of kindness was reported in Michigan this past November. After a homeless veteran died, high school students volunteered as pallbearers for his casket.
Readers on MailOnline respond to this act of patriotism and dedication:
Well done, to these teens. Good to read of decent young people.
“Thank you for your service sir. I would have traveled to your funeral. It would not have been the first time I have traveled hours for a veterans funeral. I travel with my brother. He is a honor guard member in the Navy.”
“Well done, boys. I mean Men. And thank you for your service Mr. Pino.”
What do you make of these young patriotic men from Mississippi? Should more teens help out like this?
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