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When a boy got involved in a car accident that killed his father and nearly ended his life, he was plunged into a desperate struggle for survival. During the ordeal, he was technically dead on three times. Once at the scene of the accident, again in the ambulance, and then a final time at the hospital.
Throughout the tragedy, Julie Kemp, the mother of the boy from North Carolina, watched as her son was nearly taken from her. She prayed for his return. And in the aftermath, the boy admitted he had been to heaven and witnessed an astonishing thing.

Now this woman has written a book about her experience and what her son told her about his short visit to heaven. Read on to learn about this amazing situation!
When he was just 8-years-old, Landon Whitley was involved in the car crash in 1997 that technically killed him three separate times. While paramedics and doctors returned him to life every time, before he was back, he says he was experiencing the afterlife.

Landon walked streets of goldand met Jesus and deceased members of his family.

Julie Kemp, Landon’s mother, remembers when she tried to tell her son, who was still recovering from the trauma, that his father had died.
“I said, ‘Landon, do you know where your dad is at?'” Kemp told CBN. “And he told me, ‘Yes, I know where he’s at, I saw him in heaven.'”
Then Landon made a miraculous claim…

“He looked over to me and he says, ‘Oh mom, by the way, I forgot to tell you I saw your other two kids,'” Kemp said. “And I just looked at him because I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. But I had two miscarriages before Landon was born.”


We had never shared that with Landon,” she continued. “He did not know that we had lost two children before him.”

But Landon instantly recognized his two siblings although they had never been born.
“I knew that they were my siblings even though no one had ever told me about them,” he told CBN. “Just being in heaven, I guess you know your own or you know who everyone is.”
Because the accident was so severe, Landon now has 23 metal plates in his skull. He is blind in his left eye. But he prays that his experience of Heaven inspires others to believe in the certainty of the Christian God.
“I just want people to realize that Jesus is real, there is a heaven, there are angels, and to follow his word and the bible, and life does get better at the end,” he said.
Kemp’s book documents her son’s experience of Heaven. It is called “Faith Has Its Reasons.”
Her book was published in 2014 and has sold well. As the book description on Amazon claims: “This book will also inspire those that may question heaven. A child’s amazing visits to heaven gave him the courage to tell others about Jesus. His bravery and boldness after dying and losing his father will open your eyes to how God can use an unthinkable tragedy for his glory.”

What do you think about this boy’s experience of Heaven?

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